About Compassion

Compassion works with local churches in 25 countries to help children who live in poverty to be free from it. We have more than 1.8 million children currently in Compassion programmes around the world

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

Jesus is at the heart of Compassion’s work. As well as meeting the obvious needs of children living in poverty such as food, clean water, clothing, shelter and education, we want to meet needs deeper in their hearts.

Because living in poverty is so hard, it often makes people believe they’re not important and that they don’t matter. By introducing the children we work with to God, they learn just how precious and special they are to Him.

Each Compassion child gets a Bible and is encouraged to pray.

Every child

Every child is precious and unique and we want to make sure our work helps to lift them out of poverty for the rest of their lives. The children in Compassion projects are surrounded by caring adults and the love of a sponsor, allowing them to be known, loved and protected.

Compassion’s work makes a great difference to whole communities, but we work with each child individually to make sure they are cared for and supported in a way that is best for them.

Through the Church

All of our programmes are run through local churches. Each church is carefully chosen and given all the support they need to make sure they can run a brilliant centre for the children in their community.

Watch this short video that tells you more about how Compassion is different from other charities: