Global Citizens

Pray to start

Ask God for His guidance as you think about how you’re linked to people all around the world.

Discussion starter

Each person will need a copy of the Global Citizen sheet below. Within your family, group or class, talk to each person and try to find someone who can write their name in each section.

What is a global citizen?

We are all global citizens, whether we realise it or not. We rely on many people around the world for the food we eat and the clothes we wear. When you filled out the Global Citizen sheet in the discussion starter, did you look at where your clothes were made? If not, take a look at the labels now.

Next time you are in a supermarket, look at where your fruit and vegetables were grown. Very often they have travelled a long way to get to your local shop.

As so much of what we do and buy affects people from different countries, we need to make sure that they are treated well and receive a fair amount for their work.

One of the best ways of making sure this happens is to look out for the Fairtrade Mark.

It is a guarantee that the people involved in producing your food were paid well for their work. 

What the Bible says

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Galatians 3:28

A thought

As Christians we are part of God’s Kingdom no matter which country we live in. We are citizens of His Kingdom.

One of the most wonderful things I have experienced when travelling to different countries has been to go to churches where I didn’t know anyone. Each time I have been welcomed in and made to feel at home. Even though I’m not in my own country with my own friends or church group, the loving Christians in these countries have greeted me as part of their family. And as the Bible says, I am part of their family!

The Bible says that we are part of the same family if we are Christians. We are all one in Christ Jesus. We’re part of God’s family.

Jesus shows us this throughout the gospels as he is friends with people no matter what the rest of society thinks about them. He shows us how to love other people, even those people who are completely different to us.

He not only showed us how to love other people, but he died on the cross and rose again, taking all of the bad things we’ve done and will ever do, so that we can be free to be loved by God. He died to give life to not just for a few special people, but for everyone who believes in him.
How can you help your sponsored child to feel more like a part of your family? Write down some ideas together. Are there any things that you do together or ways that you celebrate that you could include them in?

Why not…

Look at the World Explorer pages and try out a recipe from one of the countries. It could be from your sponsored child’s country or any of the other countries you look at. Visit World Explorer now.

You could even make an evening of it and think of other ways to carry on your country theme. Perhaps through what you wear, or the music you listen to. You could use our World Explorer pages to practise the language, meet the children and to find out what it must be like to live there.


Pray for God’s help as you look for new ways to be a great global and Kingdom citizen.